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PTI Solar Energy Diffusion (SED) Anti-Reflection Screen for Windows Prevents Melted Vinyl Siding, Destroyed Outdoor Furniture, Blistered Auto/RV Paint, & Eye Injury.

The phenomena of concentrated ultra high energy light beams formed by reflective and/or slightly distorted window panes has been authenticated. The focal point of these beams can exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
graphic of SED screen scattering light beam
PTI SED screen is engineered and formulated to exacting technologies designed to scatter the reflected light rays and keep them from becoming a single intense beam. The patented extruded fiber construction creates a diffracted pattern and the powerful solar energy is diffused.
Window with SED screen attachedSections of PolyCB2 SED screen are cut to exact size for mounting directly to the exterior glass of the offending window. Any size or shape can be made. PTI Grip Lock pads (1" clear vinyl, Velcro acting) are fused to the screen (8" to 12" apart) on the edges and mating pads are provided for adhesion to the glass (see alternate mounting methods below). 
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Alternate Mounting Methods
Inserting SED screen into your existing screen frames or mounting directly to the window framework requires some special considerations. Please feel free to call us or email us to discuss.
Damage Only Takes . . 
Melted vinyl siding from reflecion
A Few Moments . .
Auto with sun reflection damaged paint
Of Concentrated . .
Eye injured from doncentrated sun reflection
Solar Energy!
PTI Dual Grip Locking Pads with high bonding adhesive from 3M are impervious to all weather conditions when adhered to glass.
PolyCB2 SED screen is rated at a thirty year lifespan of flexiblity. It will not become brittle and crack or tear.
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dif·fu·sion (physics) the transmission or reflection of electromagnetic radiation, esp light, in which the radiation is scattered in many directions and not directly reflected or refracted; scattering